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Driving the Process Industry 4.0 Lifecycle @ PAAT 2018

November 14, 2018

Michael Wiedau of Evonik Technology and Infrastructure GmbH and Wolfgang Welscher of X-Visual Technologies GmbH have been presenting the DEXPI activities at the annual meeting of the ProcessNet section "Process, Apparatus and Plant Technology" (PAAT 2018) on 12th - 13th of November 2018 in Cologne, Germany. The DEXPI booth attracted many visitors. In addition to many discussions, visitors were able to try the Mixed Reality scenario live. Starting with an SmartPlant P&ID export and an import in the P&ID software PlantEngineer, it is possible to enrich the drawing for an Mixed Reality application. This approach uses the P&ID as the basis and connects the diagram with the real plant in a 360 degree view. The 360 degree images create an impression of standing in the middle of the actual plant for the user.


Learn more about the DEXPI activities in the following video and the presentation as well:

CAE vendors demonstration video



PAAT 2018 presentation „DEXPI-Driving the Process Industry 4.0 Lifecycle“