DEXPI – Data Exchange in the Process Industry

The aim of the DEXPI e.V. association is to develop and promote a common data exchange standard for the process industry, covering all phases of the process-plant lifecycle, from the specification of functional requirements to the assets in service. The current focus of the DEXPI e.V. association is on the exchange of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

Members of DEXPI:


The DEXPI working group works closely with the following standardization organizations:


These are the latest News of the DEXPI initiative:

Mission Statements

“AVEVA believes that a data-centric approach is of greater value than document-centric solutions. Collaboration on data and information can only be successful if all parties agree on standards and if tools, applications and solutions guarantee those standards can be used and enforced. While in the past we have seen theoretical approaches, the industry is now moving fast towards implementing ISO 15926-based standards. AVEVA works closely with DEXPI and other organizations to maintain our leadership in interoperability. We offer tools and services for standards management, which help our customers easily achieve interoperability.”
(Maged Selim, AVEVA)

“First big step for P&ID interoperability.”
(Heiner Temmen, Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH)

“Interoperability is one of our professions.”
(Marcus Elo, Siemens)

“Intergraph support the DEXPI initiative as it will provide data exchange between different (vendors) systems and herewith allow our customers better flexibility and enabling them to meet their business goals.”
(Paul Snijder, Intergraph)

“Support of Industry standards is part of Autodesk strategy to foster a better collaboration in projects. As there is currently no common standard to exchange intelligent (semantic) P&ID’s, we are happy to be part of the DEXPI initiative to develop such a standard.”
(Reiner Meyer-Rössl, Autodesk)

“The P&ID is the plant’s birth certificate and represents its most valuable components, up to 90% of its total value. The DEXPI unified data exchange format makes it possible to use the right tool for the right task. This game changing innovation ensures easy communication between different departments and contractors and enables the creation of exciting business models.”
(Wolfgang Welscher, X-Visual Technologies GmbH)

“The goal of VTT as a member of the DEXPI group is to help the establishment of the DEXPI specification as an open standard way for accessing industrial design data. This technology can enable interoperability between CAE tools but also the use of that data as source information for other design disciplines or lifecycle phases of a system.”
(Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

“CADMATIC is on a mission to enable data-driven engineering that serves the whole life-cycle of a project. The DEXPI cooperation allows our customers to ensure the reliability and integrity of the data that they get from different stakeholders, operation phases, and software systems.”
(Liisa Rosenqvist, Cadmatic)

“DEXPI has the power to enable semantic interoperability as research in direct application with the industry”
(RWTH Aachen University)