DEXPI Process Specification 1.0 released

The DEXPI Process example PFD

Our new DEXPI Process Specification 1.0 is live – a step towards an aligned model for processes and plants!

After collecting all the feedback to the DEXPI+ release candidate 1.0 (, we updated, refined and extended the DEXPI information model for block flow diagrams (BFD) and process flow diagrams (PFD), now officially called “DEXPI Process”.

Analogous to DEXPI P&ID – the “classic” specification addressing the “plant” aspect of a facility – DEXPI Process is an open, UML-based specification for the “process” aspect of a facility.

It comprises process engineering content, topology, and graphics to represent what can be expected in BFDs and PFDs for the process industry.

You can find the released specification linked in the Specifications section of the DEXPI homepage (

Outlook: The DEXPI association (DEXPI e.V.) aims to combine DEXPI PROCESS (for BFDs/PFDs) with DEXPI PLANT (for PIDs) to form a comprehensive specification addressing the early engineering phases of the plant lifecycle. It is being investigated to include a systematic approach to link the process activity systems (e.g. unit operations) to the plant assemblies (e.g. apparatuses and machines) fulfilling the process-induced functional requirements.