DEXPI+ Specification 1.0 Release Candidate Open For Public Comments

The DEXPI Initiative is very pleased to announce that the release candidate of the DEXPI+ Specification 1.0 is now open for public comments.

DEXPI+ Release Candidate 1.0:

Link to Dexpi+ specification: 

Link to additional material:

This additional material comprises:

  • Enterprise Architect file containing the UML model
  • XMI 1.1  and XML 2.1. version of the UML model
  • XML files as a demonstration of a possible serialization 
  • AML file as another demonstration of a possible serialization format.

We officially invite you to comment on the DEXPI+ specification release candidate for digital representations of BFDs (Block Flow Diagrams) and PFDs (Process Flow Diagrams).

There are 2 options for giving formal feedback to (a) the Spec Doc and (b) the UML model:

  1. Use the web form for a small number of ‘spontaneous’ comments:
  2. Use the following spreadsheet, when you want to collect several comments to be handed in at once

Any feedback received until August 18st, 2023 will be considered for the official release of DEXPI+ Specification 1.0.

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