The DEXPI P&ID Specification

The DEXPI P&ID Specification defines an information model for P&IDs as well as a mapping to the exchange format Proteus Schema.

Current version:  

Older versions:


DEXPI Information model

These pages provide alternative access to the DEXPI Information Model described in the DEXPI P&ID Specification 1.2 from 2017-05-20.
The model is available on a SPARQL server similar to the DEXPI sandbox.
More info: DEXPI Information model


Proteus XML schema

The schema is based on XSD and provides the syntactic description for XML files to be used for the import and export of piping and instrumentation diagrams.
More info: Proteus Schema for P&ID Exchange


OPC-UA Companion Specification

This specification is under active development and will ensure the compatibility of DEXPI and OPC UA and allow data transfers.
More info: OPC-UA Companion Specification


Exemplary Process and Instrumentation Diagram

The DEXPI group has agreed about the concentration on a first exemplary Process and Instrumentation Diagram for the application of data exchange.
It is based on ISO 10628:


Other example P&IDs are also available on GitLab.