DEXPI Onboarding Process

If you have some interests to get involved into the DEXPI group, please click here (contact) to get further information:

Lots of interesting people have already joint the group to consume or participate development of the specification, to try out and test during hackathons, to incorporate own requirements or to support the group in certain other activities.

If you are an employee of a o/o company for process industry, providing solutions around the DEXPI format or simply want to understand the basic concepts of DEXPI you´re right here at this page.

As you see in the graph we have certain steps implemented to give you first a basic understanding (introduction) and further on present your company, your approach and/or requirements during one of the monthly ORGA meeting (candidate). Here you are welcome to get in touch with other members and have the ability to get the first indication where we are and what are the current hot topics.

After several meetings you may decide to be part of DEXI (free membership), if so, we really welcome you and thank you already for your support.

As a DEXPI member you have access to all assets the group is providing, eg. tools and testcases, latest versions of specification as well as access to all Meetings and Hackathons. Contribution to the content and the organizational topics can start.

Once a year we have a Management meeting were you and your management are welcome to participate and present.

Why shall I participate?

Any further questions?

…. feel free to contact us.