Tools & Service

The DEXPI Verificator
The verificator can produce an HTML verification report (model structure and detected errors) and a separate error log (xlsx spreadsheet; can be read with recent versions of LibreOffice or Excel, for example) for a Proteus XML file. Available as command line or GUI tool. More Info: Verificator website hosted by AixCAPE
The Endpoints allows for SPARQL queries to be executed, tested and validated. More Info: SPARQL Endpoint
DEXPI Sandbox
The Sandbox contains RDLs from the specification. The best way to get started is to click on the links in the specification.
SpecialCompressor example
Code, data and specification repository
We use a gitlab repository for code versioning, issue tracking and tool collection. More info:
SVG Graphic Builder
The SVG Graphic Builder converts a ProteusXML file to into an SVG file. SVG files can be visualised by ever modern browser.