DEXPI organizational meeting and ISO cooperation

In May 2017, the the DEXPI initiative met for another organizational meeting. This time, responsible persons from ISO and PCA joined the meeting to foster international cooperation of DEXPI. Several interesting topics have been discussed. 

  • The work process and status of the CFIHOS project
  • The ISO RDL work processes
  • Incorporation between the DEXPI specification and the ISO RDL
  • Presentation of the DEXPI initiative a the FIATECH technology conference and showcase
  • Preparation of the DEXPI hackathon
  • Preparation of the PAAT Talk (see also
  • Presentation of the ATP paper for instrumentation, DEXPI, NE 150, NE 159 and NE 100
  • Demonstration of the latest changes in the DEXPI specification