Michael Wiedau

DEXPI at THTH Webinar

On May 24th, 2023, the THTH Webinar hosted an exciting event featuring presentations on the new DEXPI+ data format for processes. The event was attended by professionals from various industries, including chemical, oil and gas, and engineering. The webinar began with a presentation by David Cameron, who introduced the new DEXPI+ data format. He explained …

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DEXPI presentations at PAAT conference

From 21st to 22nd of November, the annual meeting of the “Fachgemeinschaft Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik” took place at DECHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Several people presented their research and some of the presentations reported on projects that are related to DEXPI. The following presentations have given their authorization to be published through the …

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This year, the DEXPI working group is proud to be very active at ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt, August 22nd-26th. DEXPI will have its own booth in the “Digital Innovation Zone” in Hall 11.0 F50. We invite you to come along and discuss with us the current status of data exchange in the process industry. Furthermore, …

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DEXPI presentation at #PAAT JT 2020

On October 11th, 2020, Heiner Temmen (Evonik) and Reiner Meyer-Rössl (Autodesk) presented an overview of the data initiatives and standard bodies relevant to the process industry and the current collaboration and alignment work of the DEXPI initiative to the audience of the 2020 Annual Meeting (Jahrestagung) of PAAT “Arbeitsausschus Prozessapparate und Anlagentechnik” at ProcessNet. The …

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ENPRO Data Integration: Extending DEXPI Towards the Asset Lifecycle

Contributors of the DEXPI initiative have published a new article on how the content of the DEXPI intitiative can be used to build information models to manage the complete asset lifecycle: Abstract Chemical plants are engineered to yield high output, while also complying to regulations. In initial R&D phases, experts gather large amounts of information …

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PraxisForum “Data exchange in the process industry” @ ACHEMA 2018

On Tuesday the 12th the DEXPI team members presented the work of DEXPI and the resulting software functionalities on the PraxisForum ‘Data exchange in the process industry’ on the ACHEMA 2018. The session was opened by Michael Wiedau (Evonik) and Reiner Meyer-Rössl (Autodesk) with an introduction to DEXPI. The session continued with presentations of the […]

DEXPI Management Meeting @ Covestro in Leverkusen

On Thursday, February 22nd, managers of BASF, Bayer, Covestro, Evonik, Air Liquide, Statoil, Autodesk, Siemens, Hexagon, Aveva, X-Visual, eVision, PTC, TU Berlin and AixCAPE came together to discuss the current status of the DEXPI initiative and define the roadmap for the future. Main topics have been: Collaboration status Implementation status of each vendor Road to […]

7th Hackathon @ eVision in Den Haag

The 7th hackathon at the offices of eVision in Den Haag was a great success. All software vendors got together and have been developing their import and export functionality. Topics of the hackathon have been defined in advance and during the hackathon.