Successful Management Meeting at Evonik in Hanau, Germany

February 2017 has been a forward-looking and trendsetting month for the DEXPI initiative.

On Wednesday, the 22nd, thirty managers of BASF, Bayer, Evonik, Air Liquide, Autodesk, Siemens, Intergraph, Aveva, X-Visual, eVision, TU-Berlin and AixCAPE came together to discuss the current status of the DEXPI initiative and define the roadmap for the future.

After a presentation of the current status by Richard Welke (BASF), the afternoon was filled by a presentation of some ideas for the DEXPI future by Michael Wiedau (Evonik) and a lively discussion with the whole group.

All participants welcomed the following results achieved to date:

  • The DEXPI specification is completely defined, agreed between all partners and standardization committees and thus ready to be finally implemented by the CAE providers.
  • Initial tests of implementations by industrial partners have been successful.
  • Maturity of implementations by various vendors is continuously improving.
  • Vendors have committed to supporting DEXPI in official releases.
  • A systematic testing framework and testing process aligned between all participants will better support implementation efforts of the CAE vendors.
  • Several CAE vendors have committed to present first working releases at the PAAT 2017 conference in Würzburg, Germany.